Legit Xenforo License for Sale.

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I have one available Xenforo License for Sale.
I bought it sometime ago which I used in my now archived Forum.
The license is of 1.5, not recently updated.
What this means is that you will have to renew it to have access to the latest xenforo update.
Normally, the price of be Xenforo license is $140 while the renewal is $40.

Since this valid license has not been renewed for the latest updates the price is should be @$100 (since the renewal will cost $40).
The renewal is not a must by other way.

As I said above, the price is normally $100 due to the renewal but I am selling @N25,000. Yes, Twenty Five Thousand Naira only.
It will normally cost N36,000 +.

Once the transaction is completed the buyer will will be given my full login to Xenforo customer area. He/she can change the password for security purpose.

Escrow payment is allowed.
Interested candidates only, please.
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